5 thoughts on “BackTrack3 : Aircrack-ng with RT73 (WUSB54GC)

  1. Hi!

    Nice post, thank you.

    I was thinking of buying the Linksys WUSB54GC. Just wanted to know whether it was good or not? I mean any problems you are facing with it?

    1. Everything works out of the box with BT, but the WUSB54GC card range almost less than or just equivalent to laptop built-in wifi. Some ppl manage to modified this card to extend their wireless range & you may refer here for that. All the best …

  2. help me if you can I need to know how to get a wirless conetion through back tracker with this device I have done the first couple of steps but I cant get it to update any help please?

    1. I need more details on what have you done, post any command & your error. What kind of update do you mean ? Are you on BackTrack3 or BackTrack4 ? Be specific, so people know what are you looking for …

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