Ubuntu8.10 : Aircrack-ng with RTL8187 (Alfa AWUS036H)

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11 thoughts on “Ubuntu8.10 : Aircrack-ng with RTL8187 (Alfa AWUS036H)

  1. hey..vpoint7.
    aku xleh nak crack la..
    erm…ntah aku rasa de prob ngan linux aku..
    xpun aku nye lt berat sgt..
    cmne ni..
    xkan ari2 aku nak p mamak utk on9…
    uwaaaaaaa 😦

  2. I have a gateway T-series laptop with the rtl8187 built in USB wireless network adapter. Will this process work for me, or is there a different process that I will have to do? Secondly I am using ubuntu 9.04, will this process work with this or can I run 8.04 in a vm state?

    1. You may try to install the aircrack-ng in your Ubuntu9.04 without modifying (reinstalling) the rtl8187 driver at first. After that, try to crack your own wifi to see if it works even without modifying the rtl8187 drivers. If you encounter problem to crack the wifi, you may follow those steps above setup on (modifying/reinstalling) rtl8187 drivers. Usually, latest version of aircrack-ng compatible with the known working wifi USB card, even without making some changes to the driver itself. Yes !! You may able to run any Ubuntu distro on VM. There might be only slight changes on how to do it with different Ubuntu version and it depends on how well your Ubuntu working inside your box. Also you may refer here to assist your doubts ;
      1. http://ns2.canonical.com/de/hardy/aircrack-ng
      2. http://trac.aircrack-ng.org/ticket/506
      3. http://forum.aircrack-ng.org/index.php?topic=3775.0
      4. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1072293

    2. I have been working with Ubuntu9.04 with rtl8187 (mine is Alfa, same chip set should work the same). You may refer HERE for How-To. (You have to log-in to view). P/s : I was so busy few weeks ago …

  3. woooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaa!!

    great tutorial man, the only one very easy to follow and to understand for people not so linux addicted like me!
    thank you,

  4. Hello,
    Just wanted to introduce myself.. Im Sean… glad to be here! Does anyone have any recommendations / advice on using this site?

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