About d Author

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Gender : Male
Occupation : Student
Location : Somewhere in Malaysia

About Me ?
I like lenglui, cars, and hacking. Generally, something pretty/cute, fast, and illegal.

As student, I can’t say I got free time very much, so that’s probably the reason why the blog post look slow in progress. I categorize my self as an average person, like to be low in profile, basically does not like spot light. I was not good at time management, but good with plans, maybe. Learning in allied science health makes people more alert on food and hygiene.

Currently in third year degree, feels like this will never end, too much facts makes me ‘jam’. Not all of it will be applied in the real prospect. My interest seem far deviate on what I do right now, as I like IT stuff that much compared becoming as health physician.

What is my gear ?
Laptop : F80S
VistaHomePremium/VistaUltimate/Xp SP3/Ubuntu/BT
250Gb HDD (Almost full in just 5 months …)
ATI Radeon 256Mb dedicated
2Gb DDR2 RAM (Planning to add more …)
+ Alfa AWUS036H
+ WUSB54GC Card
+ 250Gb HDD External
+ BU-353
Logically, got laptop got blog. Fair enough & its getting old.

Dekstop :
1500Gb … so on … Hehe

Interest ;
– System Security
– Reverse Engineering
– Travel
– Cars
– Lenglui …

Favourite Movie/Series ;
– Initial D
– Die Hard 4.0
– Too Fast Too Furious
– Shooter
– Gone in 60Sec
– Gundam 00
– Discovery Channel
– Prison Break … & more
*Basically fast, accurate, professional, & unseen.

Favourite Book/Magazine ;
– Hakin9
– PCWorld
– Kosmik
– Counter Hack Reloaded

Favourite Game ;
– Counter Strike (Probably good with sniper rush)
– Online gaming (Fiesta, RAN, …)
– Call of Duty 4
– Ghost Recon
– Need For Speed
– Chess

I would like to thank my family and relatives that give me support to continue. Thanks for your visit.

You may contact me personally

-DeathOwl a.k.a Vpoint7

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